Proto on the way

Hi Everyone!

Wow, summer went very fast - well, to be right, it's not over yet, so I shall say - IT IS going fast. :) We all had some time off, and some very busy days, working both on Primus and on other things. So I thought of giving you guys a little update. We are currently working on our prototype for our Narrative System. We call it the BranchBuilder, and although we're still in the early stage of development, we're pretty excited about it.

On the Art side, we are still working on the Comic Book. I know I am so late, but I just discoverd this summer Y: The Last Man, and I'm highly impressed by the quality of the action and dialogs. Wow, What a treat, really. After reading the entire series in like a few days, I went back to the scripts of our 2 first issues, and refined it again. I like the result and man I can't wait to share it with you guys. On the game side, we're polishing our character Design and researching out some cool stuff for our UI assets.

I've took a bit of time to play some games, some old, some recents. I fell in love with 1979 Revolution and Inside. They are both mind-blowing, I adored those games. Love, love, love. I tried a few sci-fi indie-first-person kind of space survival, like Alone in Space and the Solus Project, which I enjoyed both but I was missing human contacts in both games. I like being in contact with other humans, or intelligence in any game. I guess it's a reflection of who I am: I don't really like solitude, I'm a people person, so I guess I like to play 'people games'.

Any suggestions for me in this area? (Indie games)


Thanks for reading!