Dev Blog #5: Raphie & Jade


Welcome to our weekly dev blogs where we'll be talking about individual members of our team and what they've been getting up to while working on PRIMUS VITA!

This week, we're showcasing our Level Artist, Raphie, and our Level Designer, Jade, who have been hard at work making Episode One of the Primus Vita story.


"Before coming to work here, I was a student at NAD (a school for Digital Arts in Quebec) and was working as an illustrator." Raphie is currently working on models for the first episode of Primus Vita - that means designing and building things like the Shatters, the souvenirs, and the scenes in which the memories take place, creating detailed meshes that give shape to the 3D objects, and giving them life with colour and textures. It's a big job!

Raphie says the best moment of her career so far is right now. "The team is constituted of amazing people, and the project is stimulating. Working on an indie game gives you the opportunity to have an active input in the content of the project."

But it's not all easy - last week involved a lot of organic modelling, creating plants and leaves for part of Episode One. "Iā€™m more comfortable on the hard edge part of modelling, so making organic stuff is a big challenge for me. I had some meshes that broke too when I imported them in Unity..." Hashtag Just Game Dev Things.


Jade is an experienced artist and graphic designer with 8 years under her belt already before coming to work at Epsilon Games. After working for an advertising company for 6 years, Jade went back to school to learn how to work in video games, something she says was "a lifelong dream". 

And then we hired her! YAY.

Although Jade is a level designer on Primus Vita, with a team as small as this, everyone takes on multiple roles. "I'm in the center of every department," she says, "like a spider webbing everything together."

That means that last week, Jade was working on the game's walkthrough, updating important game design documents and keeping track of the latest gameplay decisions. This week, she might be working on the UI of the game, ensuring it stays "clear, simple, efficient and consistent."

It's a busy life!

~This Week's Team Question~
What's your favourite sci-fi movie?

Metropolis of Fritz Lang (1927) without any doubt.

It's difficult to name one. The Star Wars movies are always a go-to.