Hello everyone!

It's been a little while, hey! Since we got back from PAX - oh boy was it fun - we didn't stop one minute. We had great feedback from all the visitors, and we decided to act on it. Actually, we started a little before: The PAX demo is the beginning of the game.  Early March, we started focusing on that par of the game, knowing we had to show something for PAX. And the beginning was a little too slow. We had to make some changes in some scenes so the demo could be a 'stand alone', with a proper ending, kind of.

So we revisited it. We liked it. We liked adding a bit more action and a faster pacing to the general experience. And we truly believe it's for the best! SO back from PAX, we've decided to put a bit more emphasis on some gameplay elements that weren't there. So we had to backtrack a little into the Blueprint (the breakdown of all the scenes and ingredients sof the game, on paper).

Ths means, we're late.

But in good position to ship a WAY BETTER GAME! We'll let you know soon when we have our final Release date, for sure!

Also, like making a game isn't enough, we had to move our studio on top of this. We LOVE our new location. Here are some pics :)