Kickstarter for Comic Book Issue 1 is ON!

Hello all!

Yup, since yesterday evening, the Kickstarter campaign is on, for 27 days (well, 26, now...)

We already have more than $700, in not even 24 hours in a campaign we didn't announce: we're pretty excited about this!

We want to thank everyone, and we want also to tell you that we'll work hard to make you happy with the product. A few friends have read and read again the script, and we think you will enjoy it :) Long live to Primus Vita!

So don't hesitate to share our Kicksater campaign, even if don't pledge at all. We want to know how people will react to the universe we are building, and the Comic Book is such an opportunity.

The script for the second Issue is already written, and it won't take long before we deliver this one after the first. We won't hide that the first issue will also serve us to contact Indie Publishers, like Image Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, etc.

This period is very, very exciting, since the Universe of PV started seven years ago and is now fleshing out for the first time... This makes me dream...


Bonjour tout le monde !

Et voilà! Les dés sont jetés, depuis hier la campagne Kickstarter pour notre BD est lancée ! En moins de 24h, on a déjà plus de 700$, nous sommes hyper contents et excités !

On tient déjà à remercier tous les gens qui nous encouragent : croyez-nous, on travaille fort pour que vous soyez contents du produit que l'on va faire :) On a bien sûr fait réviser le script par plusieurs personnes, et le résultat nous donne confiance. Longue vie à Primus Vita !

Alors n'hésitez pas à partager la campagne, même si vous ne contribuez pas financièrement : le partage est aussi une contribution, alors GO, lâchez-vous lousse ! Un des buts de cette campagne est de voir la réaction des gens face à l'univers de Primus Vita.

Un autre objectif : ce premier numéro servira 'd'échantillon' pour envoyer à des éditeurs indépendants, tels qu'Image Comics, IDW, Dark Horse, etc.

Comme on l'explique dans la vidéo, le monde de Primus Vita existe depuis 2009, mais c'est maintenant qu'il commence vraiment à prendre vie. C'est très enlevant !

Merci de votre lecture, à bientôt !


Fall is full on!

Hello everyone! Thanks for reading :)

A lot of things has happened since August. First, Nic and I are slowly preparing a little Kickstarter campaign for the Comic Book. The first Issue. We intended to do it all by this fall but that was NOT realistic for us: like everyone, we have to pay our mortgage, and with young kids at home, we don't have that much extra time :( So the little amount of money we'll ask in out Kickstarter will help take days off 'other work days' and make it happen!

We'll have a lot work-in-progress to show to you guys, but here is a little glimpse of my w.i.p. I know, I know, it's really not as sexy as rough sketching and beauty shots and, but hey, if there's anyone out there wondering how I work, here's have a glimpse.

Let's state it all out : I'm an Excel freak. It's good for budgeting, but I also love to write in it. It's structured. In word-type of documents, it's rapidily complicated to put things in different boxes. Of course, when I do start a Comic Book script, I use a word doc, but to build up the structure and chapters of a story, I just LOVE excel and its INFINITE cells. Just think about it. INFINITE! (or did anyone ever try to break it up?)

So I've been working on the narrative of Primus Vita for several, several years now, and it's the first time I print my working document. I have to say I was quite surprised. I normally work section by section, and don't see the full grasp of it. Now, this document is certainly not complete. I have, like I said, other docs for the scripts, but also for the characters, for the civic, political and economical aspects on Earth and on Primus Vita, the full political system of Primus Vita and all the secondary characters. And I continue to fill those up all the time, as ideas and refinements are coming in at random times, all the time, and from almost everywhere - books, net, random encounters, other games, etc.

Inspiration is infinite. Isn't that great? (and I can put it in Excel!!!)

Super Excel sheet!


Salut tout le monde ! Merci de lire ces mots :)

Alors, que se passe-t-il depuis le mois d'août... bien des choses. Entre autre, Nic et moi on se lance dans une petite campagne Kickstarter pour terminer le premier numéro de notre BD. On voulait l'avoir terminé pour cet automne, mais comme tout le monde, on doit bien payer l'hypothèque, et avec les enfants à la maison, le temps nous manque atrocement. Alors la campagne Kickstarter nous permettrait de prendre des journées entières pour clancher ça !

Je commence maintenant en vous montrant ma première plateforme de travail : Excel. Eh oui. Je sais, je sais, ce n'est certainement pas aussi excitant que de voir les sketch de Nic, mais ça va venir, soyez patients :) Pourquoi Excel ? J'adore. Pratique pour les budgets, oui, mais pour écrire aussi. Dans word, il manque de cases. Y a pas de cases. Que du blanc. Partout. Avec Excel, quand l'idée jaillit, c'est simple de savoir où ranger cette idée, où déposer ces mots. Qu'est-ce qui va où, quoi.

J'ai commencé à développer l'univers de Primus Vita il y a bien des années, et c'est la première fois que je l'imprime, ce document, et que je le vois donc en entier. Quand je le retravaille, ou y rajoute des choses, c'est toujours dans de petites sections. Ici, je vous montre un seul document, mais il y en a plusieurs autres : les personnages, les aspects civils, politiques et économiques autant sur Terre que sur Primus Vita, les persos secondaires, le système politique complet de Primus Vita, etc. Tout ça dans Excel... Y a des cases à l'infini : c'est-y pas pratique, ça !?

Quand c'est le temps de travailler un script de BD, là je vais dans word. Pour les scénarios de Train, je suis encore dans Excel pour l'instant, et je commence à tester des dialogues et embranchements dans Twine. Je retourne quasi tous les jours dans mes documents, le soir et le matin : l'inspiration vient de toute part, sans arrêt. Le ciné, les livres, les rencontres... L'inspiration est infinie ! (Et je peux tout mettre dans Excel : :P)

Proto on the way

Hi Everyone!

Wow, summer went very fast - well, to be right, it's not over yet, so I shall say - IT IS going fast. :) We all had some time off, and some very busy days, working both on Primus and on other things. So I thought of giving you guys a little update. We are currently working on our prototype for our Narrative System. We call it the BranchBuilder, and although we're still in the early stage of development, we're pretty excited about it.

On the Art side, we are still working on the Comic Book. I know I am so late, but I just discoverd this summer Y: The Last Man, and I'm highly impressed by the quality of the action and dialogs. Wow, What a treat, really. After reading the entire series in like a few days, I went back to the scripts of our 2 first issues, and refined it again. I like the result and man I can't wait to share it with you guys. On the game side, we're polishing our character Design and researching out some cool stuff for our UI assets.

I've took a bit of time to play some games, some old, some recents. I fell in love with 1979 Revolution and Inside. They are both mind-blowing, I adored those games. Love, love, love. I tried a few sci-fi indie-first-person kind of space survival, like Alone in Space and the Solus Project, which I enjoyed both but I was missing human contacts in both games. I like being in contact with other humans, or intelligence in any game. I guess it's a reflection of who I am: I don't really like solitude, I'm a people person, so I guess I like to play 'people games'.

Any suggestions for me in this area? (Indie games)


Thanks for reading!

Interviewing, Writing, Modeling, Drawing

Hello dear followers,

Again, thank you for reading! A lot has happened in the last month, and we'll try to give you a picture of all this. First, we've been working on the Comic Book part of the project: Primus Vita is a wide Universe, and the birth of it was originally to be in a novel trilogy. It shifted over the years, and we started working on the Comic Book in 2015. Here are some sketches for you guys to chew in, hope you do enjoy them. The Comic Book pages right now are all rough: kind of like a Storyboard. We're almost done the entire first issue, now revising everything: the story, dialogs, ono's, characters, etc. Nic is drawing like crazy, which is very good for you guys :)

Some sketches/research on Artemis

And some of our Coby

And some of our Coby

Aside from this, the design of the game is still our big focus: we want to get our first proto for the narrative puzzles as fast as we can: it's our breackthrough and most unkown part, so we have to spin our heads around it as soon as we can - and that would be now :)

This will also be the tricky part: since the Trains are puzzle-driven, we can't show a lot to you guys before the release. But we'll try to share a max about the Universe and the art without giving too much clues or spoilers... it's a balance that's always hard to maintain, but we'll do our best, of course!

Oh, and here's a Interview - in French! - of Anne Gibeault for Radio-Canada last week. Epsilon Games is a studio that will have a ratio between 40/60 % women. It's a goal, and the interview is mainly about the place women have in video-games.

Interview from Maryse Jobin, Radio-Canada.

Interview from Maryse Jobin, Radio-Canada.

There's also a Pod Cast about the different crafts from the video game industry, ran by 2 amazing developers, Aleissia Laidacker and Tyler Windecker: the Dev Jam Podcast. Subscribe to it, it's pretty cool! (And don't hesitate to share with anyone wondering about the video game industry - any teenagers should listen to this...)