Dev Blog #2: What's Going On?

We're working suuuuper hard this week, polishing up the Primus Vita demo, setting up for events, setting up for our Kickstarter, presenting our demo to the Montreal game developer community at La Guilde and getting things ready for our demo to go up on Steam this weekend!

What are we doing, then? We're doing a second pass on UI, because we felt like it was flat - a 2D layer of text and images over a beautiful 3D environment, set in the future? No way! It just doesn't fit with the game as a whole, so we want to design something more immersive. 

We're also working on our 3D character art. So far we only have Artemis and Coby in 3D, but we're working on getting Austin, the star of our first episode, modelled in 3D as well. Here are some screenshots - don't worry, her head will definitely be on her body in the game!


And on the lighter side of things, we're also doing a space-themed tournament on Twitter - what's the best sci-fi TV show about space and/or aliens? Will it be Star Trek? Firefly? Battlestar Galactica? Vote now!

So keep looking out for more updates on our demo and our Kickstarter in the coming weeks. Have a good weekend!

Dev Blog #1: Lights, camera, demo


Welcome to the world of Primus Vita. We've been working on the game for a few months now, and we're working towards something exciting that we'll be able to tell you about really soon!

In the meantime, please check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to stay on top of all our announcements, our news, and our screenshot Saturdays!

This week we're working on something TOP SECRET, but it involves coming into the office at 7am tomorrow...

...and we're also working on a new version of the demo, which we'll be playtesting this Thursday at Montreal's GamePlaySpace! Here's the Facebook event page if you want to know more details - we'd love to see you there, and you'll get to be one of the first to play Primus Vita's new demo!

Here's a screenshot from the demo, with all-new lighting that we hope makes this scene POP!

The Puzzle Room from Primus Vita demo 1.5

The Puzzle Room from Primus Vita demo 1.5